Second Bethlehem Baptist Association

            1205 NW 4th Avenue Ocala, Florida 34475      Rev Standley Gillings, Sr-Moderator

Sister Darion B Tyler, District President

Women Auxiliary & Officers

Vice President At Large                Sister Joyce Pullings-Williams
1st Vice President                         Sister Gwen Ramsay
2nd Vice President                        Sister Veronica Griffin
3rd Vice President                         Sister Rhodia Thomas
4th Vice President                         Sister Anita Williams
Recording Secretary                     Sister Cathy Redd


With compassion, we will serve the needs of the women of our Association and women around the world. We pledge to affirm one another through words and deeds.



  • Organize Women
  • Train and Develop Leaders For Tomorrow
  • Encourage Collaboration Among Women
  • To Grow Numerically and Spiritually
  • Focus On The Whole Woman
  • Equip, Enable and Empower Women to Go Out and Bring The Outs In